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Workshop Program -March 7


Web-analytics & A/B-Testing for UX Researchers (max 30 spots) >>

In this workshop you will learn about the tools used for real-time web-analytics, mouse-tracking and a/b-testing, all to help us get more insights from online user behaviour. But of course it is not about measuring! In the end, it’s about converting this data into insights, and finally converting these insights into UX improvements.

How to evaluate a journey map – Beyond the basics (max 30 spots) >>

In this course we'll talk about Personas, Journey Maps and Stakeholder Maps and how to use them best in order to create a seamless customer journey.

Guerrilla research: Quick, not dirty (max 20 spots) >>

The key to guerrilla research is knowing when and how to use it. In specific contexts, where budget is limited or timelines are short, it can actually generate a lot of value. We’ll talk you through the process of planning, researching and analysing guerilla research as well as the pitfalls to avoid along the way. We’ll then put the process to the test and undertake some quick (not dirty) guerilla research as part of the session.

Explore the daily life of real people (max 30 spots) >>

Research often tends to be evaluative, but exploratory research into the needs of people is preferred for innovation. But how does one map needs? And how do you translate these needs into a form that helps to spot chances for innovating products and services? Muzus uses contextmapping to develop new services for commercial clients, government and institutions. In this workshop, you get to know the effect of Make&Say techniques and how to translate stories into insights for an actual case.

Asking the right question and asking the question right (in Dutch only, max 30 spots) >>

Interviewen is een van de belangrijkste onderzoeksvaardigheden. Je hebt interview technieken niet alleen nodig voor diepte interviews, maar ook voor usability tests, focusgroepen en observaties. De diepgang die je bereikt in je onderzoek en de kwaliteit van de resultaten is voor een groot deel afhankelijk van de vaardigheden van de onderzoeker: stel je de juiste vragen en stel je die vragen op de juiste manier?

How to improve the impact of insights (max 30 spots) >>

As UX practitioners we use all kinds of tools and techniques to understand customer needs and user behaviour. Over the course of time it has become incredibly easy to collect data and get insights, but the way we share our insights across teams and organisations hardly changed. During this workshop we want to transform you into an investigative journalist and help you improve the impact of insights through storytelling.