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Conference speakers - March 8

Tomer Sharon at UXinsight
Tomer Sharon
(VP, Head of UX at WeWork, Author of Validating Product Ideas)
Reint Jan Renes at UXinsight
Reint Jan Renes
(Professor at the University of Utrecht & Wageningen University)
Brian Pagan at UXinsight
Brian Pagán
(Founder and UX Coach at The Greatness Studio)
Brent Palmer at UXinsight
Brent Palmer
(Lead UX designer at Zendesk)
Jasper van Kuijk at UXinsight
Jasper van Kuijk
(Assistant Professor at TU-Delft)
Bas Raijmakers at UXinsight
Bas Raijmakers
(Creative director and owner of STBY)
Kathleen Asjes at UXinsight
Kathleen Asjes
(UX research lead in the Media division of Schibsted)
Froukje Sleeswijk at UXinsight
Froukje Sleeswijk Visser
(Design research consultant at Contextqueen)
Maike Klip at UXinsight
Maike Klip
(User researcher at DUO)
Chris Meeuwsen at UXinsight
Chris Meeuwsen
(Interaction Designer at Fabrique)
Auke Molendijk at UXinsight
Auke Molendijk
(Freelance UX Researcher, owner Usably)
Ivo Domburg at UXinsight
Ivo Domburg
(Senior designer at Luminis)
Gregg Bernstein at UXinsight
Gregg Bernstein
(Principal Researcher at Vox Media)
Erin Taylor at UXinsight
Erin Taylor
(Principal Consultant at Canela Consulting)
Konstantin Samoylov
Director, UX Researcher at UX-study