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Conference program - March 8

@de Fabrique

Chairman of the day

Brian calls himself an expat geek/psychologist turned actor, writer, and designer. He is also a UX professional with 15 years experience and an enthusiastic public speaker. His affinity with the themes of this year's conference, along with his speaking and acting experience makes him the perfect chairman for UXInsight 2018.

Keynote “What UX Research maturity looks like” >>

Tomer will introduce a UX research maturity model that helps to uncover and understand maturity when it comes to truly learning from customers.

Getting User Insights into real business – combining insights for inspiration and validation >>

Qualitative user insights from design research don’t fit excel sheets that are often used by market intelligence or business intelligence departments. User insights are about experiences of people in their everyday lives and need different ways to be exposed to companies. This talk presents examples of how user insights can be inspiring and provoke empathy while informing business effectively.

Is the “UX Lab That Actually Works” a myth? – Building and updating UX Labs >>

Konstantin will discuss the latest trends in UX research and how to build a lab that supports them.

Organisational Drivers of User Experience >>

Based on case study research in the consumer electronics industry, Jasper will present a model consisting of three drivers of user experience in product development practice and provides strategies to get those drivers at a level that allows you to deliver your users’ dream products.

Recruiting users fast and cheap with Facebook Ads >>

Auke will demonstrate how he started using Facebook Ads to recruit users and share his tips and tricks. The talk will be about targeting users, creating ads and how to follow up and screen the people that respond to the ads. After the talk, you will know how you can use Facebook advertising yourself and make user recruitment faster and cheaper.

The GDPR challenge: mixed methods in action >>

On 25 May 2018 a new European Union law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will enter into operation, requiring all websites to ask explicitly for consent on tracking and storing user data. Kathleen will talk you through her experience in carrying out GDPR-related user research for seven of Scandinavia's largest online newspapers.

Relationships are complicated. How Data Analysis and UX Research come together at Zendesk >>

If collecting user feedback is easier than ever and UX tools are readily available, why is it so difficult to make smart product decisions? If big data is here to stay, where does UX research fit? Brent explains how analytics and research come together at Zendesk to tell a richer, more compelling story.

Reach Global, Love Local >>

How can digital products, services and systems respect the global and the local at the same time? What can be rolled out globally and what needs to be localised?

Be More Certain – A Practical Approach to Scaling a Research Practice >>

Gregg Bernstein shares how he’s scaling UX and product research at Vox Media, using the lessons he learned from building the research practice at MailChimp. He’ll walk through some common user research scenarios and questions, like how to get started when you don't know where to start. And he’ll demonstrate how, with each bit of practical research, research becomes an established practice.

Adapting methods to understand financial behaviour: Lessons from Haiti >>

Erin discusses how she used portable kit studies, interaction interviews, and observations to generate insights into mobile money use in Haiti. Drawing upon the lessons from Haiti, she explores how methodological toolboxes can be modified for understanding shifting financial landscapes around the globe.

How to test a service design? >>

How do you test a service that is not yet available and hard to prototype?

User friendship >>

What if instead of doing an interview, you would watch Game of Thrones with your user? Could you really be learning something about how they use your digital service?

Tools and methods are killing your products >>

Learn how UX research can keep you, your client and your team focussed on creating truly great products.

Keynote – Persuasive ‘nudges’ don’t design themselves >>

Behaviour change design has much to gain with the integration of insights from social psychology in the design process. In his keynote, Reint Jan presents an evidence-based model (Persuasive by Design) and useful tool (The Behavioural Lenses) that contribute to the design of effective ‘nudges’.