The key to guerrilla research is knowing when and how to use it. In specific contexts, where budget is limited or timelines are short, it can actually generate a lot of value. We’ll talk you through the process of planning, researching and analysing guerilla research as well as the pitfalls to avoid along the way. We’ll then put the process to the test and undertake some quick (not dirty) guerilla research as part of the session.

Takeaways of this workshop:

  • Get a clear understanding of the methodology, why and when to apply it.
  • Learn a process to guarantee reliable results, and explore the biggest challenges and pitfalls
  • A set of tools – canvas and templates – as well as a booklet with key learnings.

Wed 7 March


– 18:00



Amy Shore at UXinsight

Amy Shore

(Senior UX consultant at Foolproof)

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Ana Crespo at UXinsight

Ana Crespo

(UX consultant at Foolproof)

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