In this course we’ll talk about Personas, Journey Maps and Stakeholder Maps and how to use them best in order to create a seamless customer journey.

The main questions we will discuss:

  • Journey map states: what’s more important, current-state or future-state journey maps?
  • The scope of journey mapping: How does a high-level journey map differ from a zoomed in journey map?
  • Customer experience research: where to get the data for a journey map?
  • Digitalization of journey mapping: how can you transform a pen and paper journey map into a vivid and collaborative journey map?

In the end, we are going to loop all the information back to the essential question: How to evaluate a journey map?

The style will be a mix of thinking and doing. You’ll get tips on how to use journey mapping in practice. You’ll practice the methods and tools on a defined challenge.

Key takeaways:

  • How to create personas, stakeholder maps and journey maps
  • How to evaluate those
  • Recognize and apply different scopes of journey maps
  • How to connect pen & paper workshop findings with digital tools




Wed 7 March


– 18:00


Michael Steingress at UXinsight

Michael Steingress

(Business Developer at More than Metrics)

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