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Karin den Bouwmeester

(Founder UXinsight & UX Researcher)

While talking to other UX researchers a few years ago, it became clear we all wished we had access to our research peers for advice and to bounce ideas off. From this the UX research meetups were born …Read more

Elma Wolschrijn

(UX Researcher & Designer)

I recently moved from the Netherlands to Dubai, where I continue my practice as an independent UX researcher and designer. I’m looking forward to be submerged in cultural differences …Read more

Meike Mak

(Design researcher & UX specialist)

I’m a design researcher and UX specialist. I co-organize UXinsight because I missed an event that inspired and enabled me to catch up with people in the field, ideas, new tools and …Read more

Maaike Mintjes

(Design Researcher)

As a researcher, I obviously enjoy gathering and sharing knowledge and insights. When I joined the UX community 10 years ago, I was delighted by its willingness and passion to share …Read more

Martje van der Linde at UXinsight

Martje van der Linde

(Senior User Researcher at TNT)

My passion is to understand needs of users and translate that into relevant (digital) products. Currently I do that in the role of user researcher at FedEx/TNT Express. As one of …Read more

Parisa Khanipour Roshan at UXinsight

Parisa Khanipour Roshan

(UX Researcher and Designer)

I am a UX researcher and I have recently moved from US to the Netherlands. I have a masters degree in Human-Centered Computing and I have worked as a UX researcher for Georgia Tech…Read more